About BLInspirations

BLInspirations (pronounced blin as in blink + spirations) is about the creations (Inspirations) of Beverly and Laurie.

Beverly has appreciated and been in awe of the natural beauty all around us for a long time. Never having had a good camera and little knowledge of how to use one, it has only been since meeting Laurie that she has ventured into taking some photos and by chance or luck has been able to take some good ones. With Laurie”s help and encouragement, she has been able to contribute to this blog. Beverly is not naturally artistically creative but is proficient with words and and aware of their power and meaning and the inspiration they can give.

Beverly is happy to assist Laurie in his photographic endeavors and thankful for his support and encouragement in her efforts.

Laurie has been interested in photography since childhood and has amassed boxes of slides and photos, most of which have never been looked at (not an uncommon occurrence in some families). Since switching to digital cameras, Laurie has also generated thousands of digital images (more than 2000 images on an 18 day trip to National Parks in the west in 2015).

Laurie has long had a desire to be able to display his best images so others could appreciate them. Other than some old railroad steam engine photos, that started after seeing some of the photos from a 1998 Alaska vacation and was later reinforced by better photos taken in the last few years. Widowed and then recently remarried (to Beverly) and mostly retired, Laurie started mounting and matting his best (or favorite) images. This website was born when others praised the results and asked if he had thought about creating a photo blog for others to view and enjoy his photos.

Because almost every photo has a story, this blog will also include the circumstances which led to the photo being taken, information about the location of the photo, and information about the technical aspects of the photo. Thus one of the goals of this site is to be educational as well as entertaining. When a photographic location has been hard to find, we may include some details in the Trip Log category.

The header image of this website is one of a series of photos of a sunset taken from Big Walker Mountain.