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Broadway Sunrise
Broadway Sunrise

Broadway Sunrise


By Laurie

Normally we are not early risers, but I woke up at 4 AM yesterday and couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up about 5 AM and when I went outside to get the newspaper I saw sunrise colors, a crescent moon and the most brilliant morning star I can recall seeing – Venus in all it’s splendor. I went to get my camera and tripod but it took some time to get everything set up and I had to make most of the camera adjustments inside because it was still too dark to see. By this time it was brighter and Venus wasn’t as brilliant as when I first saw it. The photo was taken from our front yard.

Technical Information

Broadway Sunrise

  • Date: 7/18/2020
  • Time: 5:41 AM
  • Camera: Canon EOS 77D
  • Lens: Canon EF-S 17-55 mm f/2.8 IS USM
  • Settings:
    • Lens: 23 mm, f/5.6
    • ISO: 200
    • Shutter: 1/4 sec
  • Uncropped image is 6000 x 4000 px

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