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Sideling Hill

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More than 800 feet of tightly folded rock strata are exposed where Interstate 68 cuts through Sideling Hill, about 7 miles west of Hancock, MD.

Categories: Geological
Tags: Anticline, Hancock, Maryland, Sideling Hill, Syncline

Squirrel Condominium

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Two squirrels playfully appear in different locations in this hollow tree in Amherst County, Virginia.

Categories: Wildlife
Tags: Hollow Tree, Squirrel

Reading Railroad T-1 Class Steam Engine #2100

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Reading Railroad T-1 Steam Engine #2100 in Jenkintown, PA during an Iron Horse Ramble on May 12, 1963. The T-1 has a 4-8-4 wheel arrangement, known as a 'Northern' type engine.

Categories: Railroad
Tags: Iron Horse Ramble, Railroad, Reading, Steam Locomotive

North Carolina Tobacco Drying Barn

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This tobacco barn in Johnson County, NC near Zebulon, is about 100 years old. The barn is built of three-layers of wood planks on a brick foundation. The spring colors of the background woods look more like fall.

Categories: Architectural, Distressed
Tags: Distressed, Tobacco Barn

Luxury Vacation Cabin – Weekly Rates Available

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This cabin, the Addicks Cabin in the historic town of Elkmont in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is to be preserved along with others by the National Park Service.

Categories: Architectural, Distressed, National/State Park
Tags: Addicks Cabin, Distressed, Elkmont, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Big Walker Lookout

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We have attended a number of musical theater performances at Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre in Wytheville, VA (www.wohlfahrthaus.com). They put on a good show,  the meal is good and reasonably priced. For our first visit, we researched what else is in the area that we would appreciate; one of those was Big Walker Lookout and the BW Country Store (www.bigwalkerlookout.com). The lookout is a 100-foot observation tower on US Rt. 52 at the top of…

Categories: Architectural
Tags: Big Walker Mountain, Lookout Tower

Big Walker Mountain Sunset

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This gorgeous sunset photo was taken from Big Walker Mountain in Bland County, Virginia, west of Wytheville, in October 2017.

Categories: Sunrises & Sunsets
Tags: Big Walker Mountain, Panorama, Sunset